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Allansford Primary School

Allansford Primary School is the only school located in the township of Allansford, 11km east of Warrnambool.

A dynamic community with its own football and cricket clubs, Allansford is also an active population that embraces the concepts of sustainable travel via walking, cycling and bus travel.

Allansford Primary School was the 2009 Walktober Walk to School winner, with 98% of its pupils getting to school via means other than the family car.

East Warrnambool

Warrnambool East Primary School was opened in 1958 inbetween the iconic Fletcher Jones Factory and the dunes of Lady Bay.

Bordered by private housing, the Warrnambool to Melbourne Railway and an busy urban street, the school serves a wide residential area, with most of its 500 pupils living within the City of Warrnambool.

The educational environment has been carefully constructed to support and affirm pupil’s academic skills and nurture their social, emotional, physical and cultural attributes.

A number of programs exist at Warrnambool East to promote social development and welfare and the wider school community is highly supportive of and involved in the school’s activities. The HEALTHY MOVES program encourages families to consider other forms of transport. 

Work on a new raised pedestrian crossing has been finished in Ward Street, making it much easier for Warrnambool East Primary School students, and the wider community, to cross the street. Find out more here

Merrivale Primary School

Merrivale Primary School has served Warrnambool’s southwest community since 1924. Its location at the heart of this area of the city has contributed to the strong tradition of approximately one third of pupils walking or riding to school.

This figure has risen to almost half the school population in recent years in response to ongoing encouragement of pupils and their families to consider means other than the family car to get to school.

Initiatives such as HEALTHY MOVES have had an even greater impact on this number – teachers estimate up to 90% of pupils have participated in these activities when organized. You can print off a Route to school and walk with friends.

This positive response further reflects the success of a number of initiatives implemented at Merrivale Primary to foster positive school culture, appreciation of physical activity and awarenss of health and wellbeing.

Improvements have been made to Merrivale Drive to make it safer for everyone Find out more here

Our Lady Help of Christians

Our Lady Help of Christians is located in Warrnambools East on Selby road. Our Lady Help of Christians school prides itself on the strength of its community. There is a very evident sense of involvement, ownership and belonging amongst the students, staff, parish and wider community. This stems from our humble beginnings where the school was established by local people using limited resources to fulfill the community's needs for a Christian education for their children.

The School supports students walking to school by holding regular walk on wednesday where students meet at designated points and walk to school together. It also works closely with the Police and Warrnambool City Council to ensure the roads are safe for active commuters.

Two pedestrian crossings on a busy East Warrnambool road have been upgraded to raised “wombat” crossings to make them even safer. Find out more here

St Johns Primary School

The town of Dennington is home to around 1,170 people, with the major industry being manufacturing, and a majority of workers being technicians & trades workers.

St Johns Primary School is nestled in this township with 160 students enrolled. The students have been regularly walking and cycling to school with 78% of students taking part in the monthly walk days over winter.

St Joseph’s Primary School

St Joseph’s Primary School is a centrally-based catholic primary school that sits amongst a number of key carriageways and residential growth pockets popular with young families.

It also neighbours Warrnambool’s botanic gardens and AquaZone swimming complex and is lucky enough to offer its 530-plus students considerable outdoor space, particularly considering its central location.

A small number of the school’s pupils travel by bus from outlying rural areas and the majority of the 75 staff arrive at work by car.

St Joseph’s has experienced a considerable shift in how its community arrives at school every day.

Greater awareness of the environmental impacts of car travel, coupled with policies to encourage pupils to be active and healthy have boosted the proportion of pupils, their families and teachers that ride, walk or scoot to school.

Focus days organized specifically to encourage sustainable travel to school have achieved participation rates of around 80 to 90%.

The students have committed to being frequent walkers as part of the HEALTHY MOVES program.

Warrnambool Primary

As Warrnambool’s largest primary education provider, Warrnambool Primary School occupies a unique location in the city’s geography and its history, having operated since August 1 1876.

Programs focused on encouraging travel to school by foot, bike or scooter has had a noteable impact on how the school’s population arrives and departs each day – five years ago, a large proportion of Warrnambool Primary School’s pupils were dropped at its gates by parents or guardians driving cars and the majority of staff also made their way to work on wheels.

Today, up to 30% of the school’s community will opt for walking or riding to school, particularly in response to focus days organised to highlight the positive impacts of sustainable travel and health and wellbeing.

Walking to/from school

You can jump on board any where along the route, which you can print off! Parents welcome.

Pupils are well-educated about the environmental benefits of initiatives of walk and ride to school, eg: it results in less cars on the road, increases road safety and traffic awareness and is a healthy way to get to school each day.

Working with the school and wider community to create safer routes to school in the precinct

Woodford Primary School

Woodford Primary School enjoys one of the most idealic settings of the region’s schools, nestled alongside the Merri River 10km north of Warrnambool.

The recently built bike shed has provided the incentive for students to cycle to school, with junior bike education being completed with grades prep and one aiming to give the students a firm base in cycling safety.

Warrnambool West Primary School

At Warrnambool West Primary School, we promote a friendly, caring and challenging learning environment that encourages all students to take a growing responsibility for thier own learning and behaviour.

I partnership with home and the community we aim to develop students who are self-reliant, resilient and hard working. Our overall school vision is "to develop lifelong learners who are engaged with their community".

By developing lifelong learners we aim to create students who value voluntary onoing learning and who are self-motivated in thier pursuit of knowledge throughout their entire lives.

We do this by being safe, supportive and inclusive.

Our school enjoys a quiet location amongst four residential streets on a hilltop that overlooks the City’s western end.  Access to the school grounds served by four supervised pedestrian crossaings on streets leading to the school grounds.

Both cycling and walking to school are popular modes of transport, The school has strong participation in walk to school event days.

St Pius X

St Pius X primary school have supported families to build exercise into thier days via the HEALTHY MOVES program. Working with South West Credit the school provides a regualr  healthy breakfast club for those students who want to start thier day the healthy way.

Taking part in Walk to School month is another way students can create healthy habits they can take into adulthood.