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Welcome to Healthy Moves

Healthy Moves is improving children’s health - step by step.

It is a simple project that encourages school children to be active, healthy and involved in their community:

  • To get kids to use their feet and legs to get to school
  • To learn ways they can be more active, healthier and safe on streets and roads.

Check out the HEALTHY MOVES Students plans for 2022

2022 Healthy Moves Schools plan

It consists of several facets that have been combined to create a wholistic approach to a more active, healthy community:

The Walking Groups

Designed to help children walk to school. It teaches and models road safety awareness

The Ride2School program

Operated in partnership with Bicycle Network. It encourages students to walk or cycle to school and monitor their progress

Healthy Food Choices

Links activity with healthy food choices and for children to start the day in a healthy way (ie: walk/cycle/ride bus to school and have a healthy breakfast)

Healthy Moves Breakfast club guidelines. Thanks to South West Healthy Kids.


Formalises school’s activities and assists with planning to achieve more opportunities to walk or cycle.

Youth Bank Accounts

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Want some inspiration and information?

VicWalks Smart Steps program is a fantastic collection of activities and resources to inspire more children, families and communities to walk.


CHECK OUT THE NEW VIDEO BY ST PIUSX. Written by and staring the HEALTHY MOVES students.